Lincoln, Nebraska

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We offer many billing options for all of our services.  

  All services:  We offer NET 25 due dates at full retail prices

  Fertilization:  There is a prepayment discount of 10% or a half price aeration if the customer prepays for his/her full year fertilization program by January 31st for all current customers or at the time the first billing is due for all new customers.

Full Service Grounds Maintenance:  We offer year round contracts that start with our mowing service and then we can add on the other services that your property needs.  These services are then added together and billed over a 12 month calendar year period.  Mowing is based on 28 mowings.  Fertilization is based on 5 applications.  Snow removal varies depending on the number of inches you select when you want your snow removed.  These are the 3 most common services added to our full service grounds maintenance contracts, but we can add or subtract services that your property does or does not need.  With this type of billing it usually results in a 5%-15% savings over paying for your services as they are performed and it will also give you a set amount per month to pay, which is much easier for budgeting purposes.

Most services are figured on the square footage of your property or an hourly rate so please go to the contact page and request a quote.  That way we can come inspect and measure your property in order to get an accurate timely quote to you.  Make sure you outline any special request for your quote in the information section at the bottom of the quote page.